Why Sage Hosting Is A Real Big Thing For Tech-Savvy Accountants and CPAs

The present day accounting world is the evidence that generation accelerates each enterprise it touches. Whether it’s records or courting with clients, advanced accounting software program is efficient enough to deal with it all. Before the emergence of cloud generation, CPAs and accountants have been dealing with their complex financial statistics on spreadsheets. But, it’s […]

What does Tech have to do with Women’s Rights?

“Tech” isn’t always a four-letter word, however when it comes to “women’s issues” it’d as properly be. Technology has turn out to be a male-ruled massive enterprise; earnings have emerge as the concern over ethics and/or social implications. Women are lacking from the generation design room to the boardroom and this diminishes the fee and […]

The Low-Tech/No-Tech Approach

No, the headline isn’t always a misprint. While previous columns have espoused the advantages of leveraging generation, like e-mastering, force-thru structures, and self-provider kiosks, to decorate commercial enterprise, it’s time to step returned and find out about a few “generation-free” (examine: less expensive) answers to decorate training and service levels. While I am a firm […]